Runner Rug

Runner rugs are very popular for use in various places in the home. They are often used in hallways, on stairs, in a bathroom, and they can be used anywhere a long, rectangular size rug is needed. There are thousands of styles of runner rugs that are functional as well as beautiful. They are made in the materials that other throw rugs are made of, and they often have a rubber backing to prevent slipping or skidding. Better runner rugs that are made of wool, such as Oriental rugs, need to have a cushion rug pad placed beneath them so that no one will slip and fall.

Traditional homes often have runner rugs placed in hallways over hardwood flooring. Since this is a high traffic area, the rug protects the flooring. In a plain hallway, a floral pattern or even a solid color rug will add some style to the area. A runner rug that is made of wool will last for many years. A dark color is often chosen so that it does not show stains or spots. Many runner rugs that are actually carpets need to be professionally cleaned.

Runner RugRunner rugs that are purchased from a home decorating store or carpet store can be found in many different styles. There are those with Southwestern looks, Asian influences, country styles, brained rugs, and shag. Other styles are tropical, contemporary, transitional, and traditional. Within these categories, there are numerous colors, patterns, and materials used to make the runner rugs. These rugs are normally narrow and long. They may be two or three feet wide and can be anywhere from five to eighteen feet long at most stores.

Interesting materials are often used in runner rugs, such as woolen jute, sea grass, or sisal. These types of runner rugs are perfect to use in a casual d├ęcor or one that has an ocean theme or nautical theme. They are also ideal for use outdoors on a deck or in an enclosed patio. They are also great to use in a bathroom or kitchen area. The long length of the rug can extend from one wall to the other side with a longer 15 foot or 18 foot rug. The rug provides comfort when standing at a kitchen sink, especially if the flooring in the kitchen is hardwood or ceramic tile.

Traditional runner rugs made in wool can be found online, along with many other styles and types of rugs. The wool on some of them is very dense and luxurious. Flowering vines and other designs make these rugs a beautiful addition to any area in the home. When these rugs are used to accent an area, they draw the eye to the objects nearby. They may be placed in front of a fireplace or in hallways on marble floors or tile to accentuate the rest of the open floor area of the room.

There are many inexpensive runner rugs that can be found in discount stores or in department stores. They are also sold online at websites that specialize in home furnishings. Many of these have a rubberized or synthetic material on the back of them. They are often machine washable, which makes them convenient for those on a budget because they do not need to be cleaned in any special way. These rugs usually do not have a high pile, but they do protect floors and add a decorative touch to an area that needs some color in the home. Many styles are neutral tweeds or woven textures in beige, tan, brown, and similar colors. They are just right for placing in an entryway or garage area where they may get dirty frequently. At that time, they can simply be machine washed.